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Beginning Freelancing

August 22nd, 2008 No comments

1. Choose a skill

Different people are good at different things, I am an expert programmer but cant design for the life of me. I know excellent designers who cant program for the life of them, then I know people who can do both. The only way you can find out what you are good at is to try them both. If you are good at both, you are gifted. Having both is a skill I wish I had. I can’t give good advice for design since I don’t do it, so this guide will be mainly for a programmer, but the tips should apply for both.

2. Start:

If you are a programmer, start with learning HTML, you wont be able to complete anything well without a basic knowledge of HTML. When you learn HTML you need to start a programming language, I would recommend PHP since its easy, widely supported and there are tons of resources for it. When you learn one well (and I mean really well), move on to something else. Javascript/AJAX is a valuable skill these days.

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New Genetarion Buildings

June 18th, 2008 No comments

nVidia and the Computer Graphics Society have announcede the winners of their NVArt Challenge, themed “Art Space: Architecture and Landscape”. It’s truly a mind-blowing fantasy depicted in pictures. Here are some of the most inspiring architectural designs that we won’t probably get to see accomplished.

There are 15 of them from 15 different countries. For example;

  1. Complex at the Centre of the Universe – Staszek Marek, Poland
  2. Honorable Mention – Heaven in desert – Tolgahan Gungor, Turkey
  3. Honorable Mention – Water Plant – David Gonzalez Fernandez, Spain

And so on.

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Frame by Frame Diving

June 17th, 2008 No comments

This picture is taken by Tom.Lechner’s photostream from flickr. I think this is an amazing picture. Go ahead an check the link to see big version

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Assembly (x86) Turbo Lecture Notes

June 16th, 2008 2 comments

Here is my microprocessors lecture notes. Also you can have information about assembly programming with TASM. All the 20 lectures are available.

Lecture 1

  1. Microcomputers and Microprocessors
  2. Evolution of Intel 80×86 Family Microprocessors
  3. Binary and Hexadecimal Number Systems

Lecture 2

  1. Brief History of 80×86 Family of Microprocessors
  2. Pipelining and Registers
  3. Introduction to Assembly Programming

Lecture 3

  1. Introduction to Assembly Programming (cont. from Lecture 2)
  2. Introduction to Program Segments

Lecture 4

  1. Memory Map of the IBM PC
  2. Pushing and Popping Operations (Stack)
  3. Flag Registers and bit fields

Lecture 5

  1. Flag Registers and bit fields
  2. 80×86 addressing modes.

Lecture 6

  1. Directives and sample programs
  2. Assemble, link and run a program

Lecture 7

  1. Control transfer instructions
  2. CALL statement
  3. Subroutines
  4. Data Types and Data Definition

Lecture 8

  1. Arithmetic and Logic Instructions and Programs
  2. Unsigned Addition and Subtraction

Lecture 9

  1. Unsigned Subtraction
  2. Unsigned Multiplication and Division
  3. Arithmetic and Logic Instructions and Programs

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TDFSB 3D File Browser

June 15th, 2008 1 comment

Here is a new nice project i’ve just heard about TDFSB…. Which reads directory information and displays it as a 3D world. cd’ing into another directory is possible by simply walking into the assigned sphere. It also reads images and text files and displays their contents. It plays MP3 files and MPEG-1 videos as 3D objects.

Shortly, it is a 3D world inside your pc. This is really nice and interesting tool for your boring pc. Just imagine.. you can fly between your files.. your documents.. even your pictures..

This project came to me with really nice ideas. I am glad to talk about TDFSB because it has been coded 6 years ago. A developer [Leander Seige - i hope this is true] coded this tools with simple code in first time. But now just take a look at it. He and some other developers are came with new ideas.

I have run this tool with my system which is Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 and of course to run TDFSB nicely, you gonna need a hardware accelerated 3d graphic card. While walking arround your documents you can also listen mp3s or you can watch some of your video files.

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