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Line Follower Robot – Cyprus International University

April 13th, 2008 No comments

First of all this is my first english post on my blog :)
IM leading The robotic group in cyprus international university. With my friends who is member of this group we had a competition on robotic. The topic of the competition was line following robots. Before competition day we had 4 group and so 4 robots :) I was really exciting about this, you know this is really nice feeling because you made it with your hand. And it’s running by itself.. A day before the competition day we’v got a bad news. Such as one of the group member burned processor (PIC) and the other group had something like this. And the video is about another robot. This one didnt joined the competition. Just for fun .. My friend Kourosh made it actually and we are calling it insect :):) It is such a simplest robot on it’s own category.. It has no circuit, no sensors but it is working like it has a sensor :) You can see there are some wire on front of the robot. He used this wires instead of a sensor.

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